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Before he wrote for Commentary he used to appear frequently in the defunct but since revived online Catholic magazine Crisis. In light of the big SNL retrospective that aired last week with huge media buzz this article from Commentary seems even dumber. And they just keep coming. Terry Teachout is about as assimilated a Jew as you can be namely a founding stock Dutch descendent from Missouri. Remember, Hope was born in In WW2 he would have turned Many comics today are has-beens at forty.

By , he was seventy. How many seventy year olds are still at the top of their game? The fact that this guy was still chugging along while closing in on is amazing.

Off My Meds by Leslie Taha

So what that he had to start reading cue cards. I also like the fact that he showed an unshakable devotion to his adopted nation by entertaining troops in war zones over multiple decades. In short he was a patriot. Great catch. SCTV had some great sketches and this is one of the best. Far superior to the stuff SNL produced. To see the moments of joy that he brought to our troops in hot spots around the world reminds me of a certain type of American spirit that got diminished over the years by a general coarsening of life.

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He had a more beneficial and long-lasting impact than so many more controversial entertainers. Heck Charlie Sheen can be hilarious when not on coke. I would say Jewsh humor has long peaked.

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The up and comers are guys wiling to do three nights in Cleveland then four in Cincy. Likely blue collar Whites akin to Karry the Cable guy.

Not too many Jews willing to travel and do Darwinian stand up for small odds. Better payoff in govt or the law. During World War II, when Americans shared both a common culture and an iron determination to prevail over their common enemy, such a comedian could speak for millions of listeners from coast to coast.

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But that America no longer exists, and the Americans of the 21st century demand more from comedy than mere reassurance. That is why Bob Hope is forgotten today, and will remain so. All he had to offer were punchlines that no longer have punch. Well, I am glad they at least admitted this and did not try to retcon history with that propositional nation-notion, or that garbage that muslims were a significant part of America from before the Founding.

And yes, we are aware that America no longer exists, are pissed, and would like to know at whom we can direct our ire. Chris Rock could certainly use some Teachout therapy. Rock can be funny for 5 minutes, but then the all black all the time thing gets stale very fast and I turn off. As a child, I had a morbid fascination with plane crashes. This was right after the Gulf War began — mid-January That whole time period is vivid in my mind — I remember sitting in front of the TV for hours on end and reading every single word printed in the newspaper.

In another strange twist, I was reading about the Lockerbie disaster when I learned that Pan Am had been grounded for good. I remember seeing Star Trek VI in the theater on opening night a few days later. I used to have it on VHS. I might even still have it, somewhere — I never did get around to throwing away all of my old VHS tapes. My father spent weeks slogging around in the Everglades picking up pieces of that L crash. Just about any British comedy is vastly better than anything American, i. A recent, blatant example is the British Office compared to the American Office.

Comedy Writing Secrets

One is brilliant, the other rather not. One is unpredictable and riveting, the other is typical and yawn inspiring. Monty Python of course is the ultimate in British comedy and nothing compared in the US. In terms of stand-up—nothing was funnier than the least Jewish comedian I can think of—Sam Kinison. And of course which Jew can touch Jackie Gleason? This is a pretty terrible oversight. When the English legalized homosexuality someone asked him what he thought. Very fair. The Holy Grail of comedy actually. Literally it was like a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch to the whole field. There is some gag they did a couple of times, like some serious person such as a newscaster is reading the news, and stands up at the end wearing a tutu.

Monty Python. If there were a top ten comic skits thing, that one would be in it. His stuff was stale and corny as hell. Many years later I realized that it was his hyper-Jewish outlook that bothered me. This wallowing in illness, like a nihilistic, ungracious version of Charlie Chaplin. Also, as general observation, the writers deserve credit but nobody cares about unknowns performing famous comedy routines. The audience wants stars. Very true. Humor has to be contemporaneous.

Those aboard suffered horribly before they died, all because some workers at an aircraft-maintenance company wanted to clean out the mail room. The generators sat around the warehouse for a while, and finally ended up in the mail room. At some point during takeoff or shortly thereafter, the generators fired and sparked a raging inferno that must have seemed like a literal incarnation of hell to the passengers and crew.

One of the guys who worked on the ValuJet disaster told me that the government disposed of hundreds if not thousands of bodies after Hurricane Andrew. Many such stories abound in the Miami area. At one point, a flight attendant claimed to have seen the dead captain of Flight telling her to check the oven in the galley — an oven that had been rescued from the wreckage in the Everglades. Supposedly the woman discovered that there was a short in the wiring and that the oven was about to burst into flames. I think the book was also made into a TV movie — not the one with William Shatner, but another one.

Same with their movies. The Brits only produce a handful of episodes of any of their shows. A lot of Monty Python still makes me laugh out loud today. Your Latin needs a little tweaking. When was the most recent performance of this play? I, too, used to have a morbid fascination for plane crashes.

It was not. That Teachout article is amazingly offensive. And his verbal humor was exceptional, even if it was put to use in films that today are quite silly.